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About Us

Champion University is a community of people called to ignite change in their area of influence. C.U. develops and equips those who have accepted the call to lead change. Change leaders are more than a leader, they are igniters.  

Whether your leadership assignment is in business, education, or a church fellowship, you will be prepared for success in your leadership assignment.

C.U. is not a program or slew of courses. We ALL have experienced burnout from this. You don't need another course, challenge, masterclass, etc. 

C.U. is different. In C.U. you will find community, receive mentorship, have access a vault of teaching, to courses, and other experiences designed for your growth. You access the vault based upon what you need, participate in a course when needed. 

To get the most, participate in the live mentorship sessions and access the weekly Ignite Conversations. Ask questions, engage with the mentors and the community. In C.U. you have found your people. 

 Let's grow together as we use our God-given gifts in our area of influence. 

Why You Should Join

Get connected with a community of leaders who are walking out their purposes and destiny. 

Grow in your ability to lead and operate in your gifts so you can fulfill your leadership assignment.

Get ignited to steward a movement in your assigned area of influence.